We never compromise on safety, health, environment and the quality of our services. SHEQ is therefore integrated into everything we do.

Safety and Health

Safety and mateship are core values at the GenusPlus Group. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring our people go home safely every day. The core value of mateship drives us to not only look after ourselves, but our mates as well.

Key to our approach to safety and health is engaging with our people. Our people in the frontline see so much more than our management or safety teams do. Our understanding and ability to solve problems significantly improves when we engage, empower and work collaboratively with our people. Safety is built on culture and trust which is then supported by safety management systems and other tools.

Our management of safety and health is based on:

Leadership – Our leaders are visible, engaged with all levels of the organisation and lead by example in driving safe behaviours.

Teamwork – Through effective engagement with our people, we better understand the challenges and obstacles they face. We work collaboratively with our people in order to develop and implement the most effective solutions and improvements.

Risk Focused – We embed risk management into everything we do, and we equip our people to make risk-based decisions. In consultation with our people, we have identified our highest risks and developed our Safety Non-Negotiables to raise awareness of our key control measures.

Positivity – Positive reinforcement is much more effective in driving behavioural change, so we are working to reframe safety more positively. By focusing on positive reinforcement, proactive safety activities and celebrating our achievements we are driving further engagement, investment and ownership in safety.

Empowerment – Our people personally commit to “Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe.” We have also empowered people to issue a Stop Work Authority if they believe a task is unsafe or further planning is required. We support out people to use the Stop Work Authority when they feel it is required, without fear of reprisal.

Learning – We have an openness to learning from each other, our clients and industry partners. We learn together from our successes and incidents.

Earlier this year, we introduced a set of Safety Non-Negotiables. The Safety Non-Negotiables have been developed by our people to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of our highest risks
  • Ensure understanding of our most critical safety control measures
  • Provide a clear set of rules that are easily understood and known by all
  • Ultimately, prevent serious workplace injury and fatality



GenusPlus Group is committed to protecting the environment and minimising our environmental impact. We do this by incorporating responsible work practices that minimise environmental harm, reduce wastage and prevent pollution.


GenusPlus Group prides itself as being a market leader and electrical contractor of choice. Our early success was built on quality, reliability and providing excellent service.

Our unmatched experience and expertise in the industry means we are a trusted and preferred service provider. We understand that providing our customers with the highest quality service is crucial to our continued growth and success.

Our quality management focus is based on:

  • Prioritising customer satisfaction
  • Working collaboratively with our clients to understand and meet their needs
  • Providing trusted and reliable services
  • Delivering on what we promise, in everything we do.

Our aim is to provide exceptional quality that is delivered on time, on budget and with minimal interruptions to client operations.

SHEQ Continuous Improvement

The GenusPlus Group have established and implemented an integrated safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management system that provides the framework for how we manage SHEQ. We continually evaluate and analyse our SHEQ performance to ensure out management system is achieving its intended outcomes. We constantly look for improvement opportunities in order to enhance SHEQ performance.


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